Monday, April 27, 2009

Take Me Out to Some Ball Games

Ahhh....the first big baseball weekend just passed. The camera was around my neck for all four games.

We started on Friday. My nephew plays for UCONN and we planned on taking in their game vs. Big East rival, St. John's. Lucky for me I traded Luke and Chica for our good buddy, T. So I really got to watch the game and try for some action shots. And it was gorgeous weather!!

Here are the boys right when they got there, pointing at their big cousin in left field. He was warming up and the game was just about to start.

Here is a shot of him sliding into second. The boy's got some wheels....I've always said that.

He was nice enough to hit a homer for us, and here he is rounding the bases after the out-of-the-park bomb.

UCONN wasn't able to get the win, but it sure was a win for the boys and me. Beautiful weather, great game....and a little Q-T with the cousin.

Now on to my boys....on Saturday they had two games as part of a pre-season tournament. They have moved up to U-11 this year so we were anxious to see how they would compete. The first game they were down by 8 runs and ended up battling back to a 11-10 win!! So exciting. The second game they were down by 10 runs and came back to ALMOST win...but lost 12-11. My heart was pounding. The boys played their hearts out and we had two very exciting games. I took lots of pictures...and here are a few of my favs.

Game 2 - Ben sliding into home.

Jack fielding with his brother in the background.

Jack pitched three innings in the first game.

Here is Jack at catcher. I had a proud-mother-moment when he threw out an opponent stealing second.

Ben fielding at second.

Sunday was Luke's day! His first game was at noon and we all got to go and cheer him on. I was happy it was not a day of rushing in between games and we could really focus on giving him some attention. He did a great job and pleasantly surprised all of us with his skills! He's one of the youngest on the team, but he hit well and knew where to throw the ball! Here he is batting and fielding!

The only thing that could have made this weekend better were peanuts and cracker jacks!

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