Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Way Back Brothers

Jack and Ben are 19 months apart. They are very similar in many ways and have a lot in common. They are also very different. There is sibling rivalry, which is a totally new and unfamiliar topic for me. I never had brothers. But although there is the sibling rivalry, I'm thankful that they both enjoy the same things....particularly sports. A day doesn't go by when they aren't competing in some type of sports activity. Mini-sticks, street hockey, baseball, soccer. It doesn't always end pretty. But I do notice that when they play together on real sports teams, they really work well together and can rely on each other. And that's pretty cool.

When I was going through old pictures for Ben's birthday post, I came across a couple of old pictures of the two that I wanted to share.

Here they are, standing in front of the TV. This kind of contact doesn't happen a lot, so luckily I captured it. I'm guessing they were about 1.5 and 3ish.

And here is another. For some reason, I always loved this picture. The two of them leaning on each other in the morning with all of their special stuffed animals. Serious faces. Can't explain why, but I love it. It was just the two of them back then!

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