Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Way Back Vacation

I'm on my hubby's computer right now because he had to take mine to have the key board looked at.  It wasn't bad enough that the Shift key has been missing on the left side, but now the Enter key has popped off. So, looks like a new keyboard may be coming. Although it's likely a whole new computer will be coming for me soon too.  

It's vacation week here and today we've got friends over playing with the big boys. Chica is following them around and Luke went to a movie.  So I raided the pictures on my hubby's computer, and in the spirit of vacations, here are a few old vacation pictures of the kids.

Here is the crew mini-golfing at Cape Cod. What cracks me up here is that the boys are wearing cleats.

This next picture demonstrates how dirty one child can get playing outside with some dirt. This was also on Cape Cod.

That's all for now because I can't figure out how to drag photos on this Macbook!

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