Sunday, May 31, 2009

Comeback Kings (a.k.a. Cardiac Kids)

It seems that Jack and Ben's baseball team just loves to come from behind. On Saturday they had a game against a tough team. In the first inning our three batters struck out and then our opponent racked up 8 runs against two of our pitchers! The chins were dropping and the boys seemed deflated.

Jack went in and pitched the next 5 innings. He and his teammates held the other team from scoring any more runs for the rest of the game. And....the bats heated up and the boys whittled away at the deficit and actually came up with 9 runs to take the lead.

The other team had last ups in the sixth. The first two batters were put out - one more to go. Our knees were shaking as their best player came up to bat. Jack walked him. My stomach was in knots. The next batter came up and hit an absolute bomb to center field. Ugh....I thought that was it. Until our centerfielder Harry fielded the ball like a champ and relayed it right to the second baseman who threw it to the third baseman who tagged out the runner. Game over.

We were stunned that they pulled off the win. The boys played great and it was a true team effort all around. And of course the coaches were beaming that their relay drills paid off!

A couple of the favs from the game:

Jack and the centerfielder celebrating with a chest bump!

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