Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brain-numbing Fun

It was one of the most glorious Memorial Day weekends on record for me. Just great weather. We weren't committed to one sports practice or game the entire weekend. It was nice to just relax, grill, work in the yard, etc. Right after the boys got off the bus Friday Jack begged for us to take the cover off the pool. We eventually got it off with the help of a neighbor. The pool looked pretty good....a little dirt but no algae. We had a little scare getting the filter started the next morning but that eventually worked and the pool was good and ready for swimming within hours. It was a chilly 66 degrees but by the end of the weekend it had warmed up a few degrees. But that didn't stop the crazies from getting in.....

Just the beginning of what I hope to be a bunch of swimming in that pool!! Bring on the warm days and nights or you'll never see me in there!

And this is just a picture of some of my beautiful Japanese Irises in front of the house. Hoping they'll stick around for a while.

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