Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lucky Girl

Girly-girl or Tom-boy? Chica insisted on wearing her cleats to the boys' game last night. I couldn't resist documenting this look....the knees patched up with band-aids and the oversized cleats with pink socks.

Obviously, she is heavily influenced by all things 'boy' in our house. But I think she would be a little tomboyish regardless. Afterall, her X chromosome came from this.....

(Let the picture above count for my delinquent Wayback Wednesday post.)

But this girl, this Chica, brings two year-old attitude to a whole new level. I just love her confidence. This trait, she did not acquire from me. It took me until my twenties to get a little confidence.

Her confidence marched her right over to the bench last night. The boys were doting on her and she was loving it. They wanted her to be their mascot. I knew she shouldn't be on the bench. Only players and coaches are allowed. So when I called her name and waved her over, she shook her head and then gave me this look....

I smiled to myself at her confidence and let her stay for a few more minutes. Long enough to capture this shot.

Lucky, lucky girl.


Pernilla said...

Hi! I just found my way to your blog and I love it! The pictures are awesome -- what kind of a camera do you have? Your Chica is absolutely gorgeous -- and the boys too! /Pernilla

Pernilla said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for your message on my blog. I found a link to your blog on some other blog on a FEEDJIT from the town where I live (hm..sounds complicated). Yes, I'm in Sweden! I've been to New England many times though, and I have many friends in the Manchester, NH area. I love Boston!I'm going to follow your blog just to see the gorgeous photos and your lovely comments about your kids. I'm definitely going to get a camera like yours that has a good zoom. It's so important to take good pictures of your kids and my girl Molly is growing up way too fast. She's 5 now and starting school in August.
Good talking to you./Pernilla