Sunday, May 3, 2009

Opening Day

It was the first regular season game for the boys today. There were light showers throughout the game and it was chilly! The boys ended up losing 12-6. Similar to the preseason tournament, the team had a couple tough innings where they let in a lot of runs. Then they tightened up and held the other team off from scoring the last few innings. But it wasn't long enough to come back for a win. Good competition....good baseball....bad weather....really bad umpire.....

The camera only came out for a little while in the beginning before the rain started. Ben made a tremendous catch in outfield which I was able to catch. Unfortunately, it's not super clear.

And this picture of Jack makes me laugh because he looks like he's smirking at the pitcher as he looks over his shoulder at him. Jack is pretty good at base running and stole around to home twice. He's was feeling Ellsbury-ish.

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