Thursday, May 28, 2009


I wonder if there are any parents out there who wouldn't agree that when kids are abnormally quiet, there is usually something bad happening. Our kids haven't gotten into any major troubles, but there have been a couple the time that we found Jack and Ben in the basement writing all over each other with permanent Sharpie markers. It's bound to happen. I'll just hope that Chica isn't the first and only one of our kids to give themselves a "haircut".

The other day Chica was outside on the front porch being quiet. Even though she was only a few feet behind me through the wall, I wasn't really paying close attention as I undoubtedly was tapping away on the computer. So when I went to check on her I was surprised to find that she was being super helpful and putting some "scrunscreen" on herself.

Luckily I caught on before she touched her eyes. But not quickly enough to avoid her dumping almost the whole bottle out on my bench cushion and the cement porch floor.

Oh well.....could have been worse I suppose.

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Deb Hanna said...

hee hee- at least you grabbed your camera. only recently does silence from my kids not panic me.