Monday, May 11, 2009

"The Treatment"

On Friday I went to Luke's school for our special Mother's Day lunch. Admittedly, this is my favorite day of the year for Luke's preschool. Every year for the last 8 (?) I have been blown away at the time, effort and creativity that the teachers have put in to make us moms feel special. So this year's theme was "Dancing With the Stars". The morning started off with all the kids lining up and singing a couple of songs/reciting a poem about their special moms.

After that we watched a video of the kids performing different dances. In groups of three, the kids danced to the chicken dance, macarena, bunny hop, irish jig, the twist..... It was too cute. The kids did an amazing job. Luke's dance was the bunny hop.

THEN, all of the moms had to perform the dances with their kids. That meant me getting up and bunny hopping around for a few minutes. I tried hard to get the steps right and not step on toes.

Each of the kids brought their moms over special handmade star pins. We put them on and then were brought to our tables for lunch.

At our seats were adorable handmade place mats with the kids' actual dancing feet prints. The mats were nicely laminated and there was a cute menu and a sheet where the kids wrote special thoughts about their moms. Always cute to read those.

After sitting, Luke went to get my lunch which consisted of a turkey sandwich shaped like a star, a star-shaped jello jiggler and yummy fruit on skewers. I, with the help of both Luke and Chica, gobbled it right up. My plate was completely empty. After clearing my plate, Luke then brought me over a delicious dessert of cake/pudding/whipped cream and colorful star sprinkles on top. There wasn't too much left of that either. (I was hungry!)

Then to top it off, we were given our Mother's Day gifts. Homemade bath salts to sooth our dancing feet. Come on, have any of you ever had this kind of treatment by your preschooler???

The kids spent a lot of time making all of these great treats. And they take great pride in that! The best treament ever!!

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