Thursday, June 11, 2009


At the beginning of the season there was some talk of Luke being the team bat boy. I didn't take the talk very seriously because I didn't think he was really interested and I didn't think he would have the attention span. Plus, three of his little buddies (siblings of the boys' teammates) are always at the games to play with him.

For some reason at last night's game Luke decided that he wanted to try being the bat boy. He even approached the coach directly and asked him if he could. Coach said it was fine as long as he wore a helmet. So Luke was pretty excited that he got to sit on the bench and help himself to team water and an endless supply of Double Bubble gum.

The game started and Luke was just straddling the bench paying no attention to the duties of a bat boy. It was then I realized that he had no idea what it meant to be a bat boy. So I brought him over to his big brother for help and direction. I monitored him a while to make sure he got it.

Once he was comfortable with his responsibilities, he did a great job. I was happy to see he took his role seriously and wanted to make sure those bats were lined up nicely in between batters.

He looked so cute hanging with the big boys.

Here's Ben giving him an extra push incentive to move along.

It was a win-win for Luke because when the team was in the field he ran over to the playground right behind the field to play with his little buddies. When the boys were back to batting, he would make his way back over to the bench.

Luke lined up for 'good game' handshakes with the team and thought he was all that. Jack said for the next game Luke could wear his practice jersey with the Falcon on it to really look like part of the team. I can't wait to see what happens at the next game!

Speaking of brotherhood, I got the video camera out for the first time this season. I was so cold that the footage is probably horrible from my shaking hands. There was one particular play where an opposing player hit a liner that Ben dove for, trapped and threw it to Jack at first for the out. Jack's catch at first was blocked by a coach in the video, but I did catch Jack running over to Ben and giving him a glove-tapping high-five for the great play. Loved seeing my boys supporting and appreciating each other.

Here are a couple of shots with the two of them:

Happy brothers = happy mama.

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