Sunday, June 28, 2009


I can hardly believe my baby just turned three. It's going by so fast now that I don't really remember her as even a one-year old. When she arrived three years ago it was the biggest surprise of my life adding a little girl to the mix. I feel as blessed now as I did then because she has been the best kid. Albeit a very independent and sometimes stubborn toddler, she has been a very happy child since the day she was born. Big smiles and laughing most of the time.

What do I need to remember about my chica as a three year old??

She wears her shoes on the wrong feet 99% of the time and doesn't care when you point it out.

She dresses herself daily and rarely wants or needs help....even if things are a little backwards.

She sometimes sleeps in just pants and is rarely cold.

She tells Chris and I she loves us multiple times during the day....she has taught herself how to pump on the swings but sometimes still wants us to "push her higher up to the trees"....she hates to be left behind and always wants to be going somewhere....she loves the song Love Story by Taylor Swift....she loves doggies.....she loves to chew gum....she insists that the tags in her clothes are cut out.....and most importantly - she is always willing to pose for pictures.

And what did we do on her birthday? Something new and different - she was dragged along to watch her brothers play their last regular season baseball game. Here she is sporting her new glasses with the best seat in the house.

After an exciting win, she enjoyed an ice cream at Friendlys with the boys. I was able to get a bunch of them all to pose with her.

Later that evening some friends came to join us for dinner and we sang happy birthday and had cupcakes and ice cream.

Such a sweet little chica.


Paula said...

Really, really nice shots :-)

Deb Hanna said...

love it- what a great way to capture her!