Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Way Back at the Zoo

We happened to live near a zoo. It is not an ordinary zoo. It is a zoo that a man created on a rural road amongst some ordinary houses of people like you and me. It is almost too strange to describe. You have to see it for yourself. So way back in about 2002 we used to go to this zoo. Admission was free and I believe you could purchase bags of food to feed the animals. It's a great place to go with friends and it has a better selection of animals than the city zoo.

Here are a couple pictures from almost exactly seven years ago. Jack was not quite 3. Here he was feeding the goats.

And here he is as happy as can be with his friends....the Chiefs.

Well yesterday I took Luke and Chica to this zoo. Over the past seven years the zoo has expanded. Every year we would go they would add more and more animals and build more and more cages and have more and more to see. Then over the years they began charging a fee per car I believe...and they added an ice cream truck. And yesterday, seven years later, I paid $19 to enter the zoo with my two kids (included 2 small bags of food to feed the animals). They now have a gift shoppe and lots of tables to eat and lots of schools do field trips to visit the zoo. And I say this not to complain. Because it was worth every penny of the $19.

Schools are still in session so there was almost nobody there. The selection of animals is awesome....from various monkeys, bears, reptiles, camels, zebra, giraffes, antelope, bison.....more than I can list. I was particularly intrigued with their selection of cats. They have a bobcat, a lynx and a beautiful black leopard/panther. I grew very frustrated at trying to take pictures because I was using my point and shoot (quality not as great) and it was hard to get a good shot through the cages. But here is the leopard....

I was on a mission to take pictures of 'things that are sharp' which is the theme of this photo site I do with some photography friends. The iguanas are the only thing that I could zoom in on that were cool enough to post there.

Here is a group shot of the crew that went....

and another shot of the boys climbing on statues. Boys will be boys.

And a perfect way to end this post is to show Chica feeding the goats in what I believe is almost the same spot as Jack was above.

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Deb Hanna said...

totally cute! love justin's face on the elephant- he is actually smiling!