Monday, June 15, 2009

What Dreams Are Made Of

Here is a candid shot of my oldest nephew. I wasn't dating Chris back then so unfortunately I can't take credit for this amazing picture.

The baby in the above picture was just drafted into the MLB by the Milwaukee Brewers and left yesterday for Helena, step closer to his dreams.

As a young child, he used to "want to be a fire"....but now he wants to play in the big leagues.

Chris and I have been going to watch this boy play for over 10 years. His little cousins worship him.

When they went to say goodbye to their cousin and send him off with their good luck and best wishes...this big cousin gave the boys each one of his outfielders gloves.

These little cousins played catch with these gloves It was as if they had hit the lottery.

Thanks, Peter, and wishing you the best of luck!!!

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