Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An End to Another Great Season

Our big boys' baseball season came to an end last Thursday. They had finished 12-1-1 for the season which was second place in their division. They won their first round playoff game and then had to play the only team they lost to during the season. It was a close one, but they lost 5-4. They battled hard and we were so proud of them.

So now the season is over and I no longer have to wash uniforms, search for green socks, clean and fill water bottles, worry about whether it's my turn to be the snack mom, etc. It's bittersweet, actually, because I just love watching the boys play. But they had been practicing since about March and probably need a little break before the craziness of school and fall sports start.

It was a great season. They practiced hard and learned a lot and it totally paid off. We weren't sure whether to play Ben in U-9 or U-11 this year. He could have played U-9 with many of his classmates and friends but we decided to have him stay with his team and play up. We definitely made the right decision for him. He did a great job overall and matured a lot from last year. And....did not miss one practice or game all season!! He played mostly 2nd base and centerfield and I think one of the things he does the best is slide! Here are a couple pics of him from the season.

Jack also had a great year. He predominently played catcher, pitcher and short stop. He's a calm, cool and confident player and one of his best qualities is his aggressive base running. He loved stealing all the way around to home as many times as he could. I loved nothing more than seeing he and his brother make plays together. Here are a couple of my favorites of Jack from this season.

All's well that end's well. I'm very proud of these boys!

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