Friday, July 31, 2009

Five on Friday

Ta' heck with trying to find time to blog. This summer life with four kids does just not lend itself to lots of time to blog. I've been working on lots of different photo projects in my free time and not had any extra time to do some blogging. I decided to sneak in a Five on Friday blog on this last day of July!

1. I can't believe the changes in my youngest son in the last month or so. I woke up one day and the boy who spent so much time drawing in the dirt during T-ball season is now throwing and catching like a champ. He has been begging for anyone to play catch with him and it all just clicked. Not only that, but he is swimming like a champ too and now can dive for things at the bottom of the pool and do some crawl stroke. I'm just in awe of the changes in him at 5.5 +. I can't wait for him to start Kindergarten. One day I was thinking he was looking particularly handsome so I followed him outside with my camera.

2. Jack had a very last minute invite to play in a baseball tournament last weekend. He was hesitant at first, but I convinced him it would be fun. He played for a different town where he only new a couple of kids. He played 5 games in three days and did very well overall. Had some good hits, made some good defensive plays and was very happy he decided to play. It was very strange for me to see him in a different color uniform.

3. Guess who is getting ready for school? She picked out her 'pack pack' at Target the other day....girly fatigue print. That says more tomboy than girly-girl to me...

4. I did something cool. One of my favorite bloggers gave me the idea to do a collage of words on I created on and am using it in the baseball book I am currently working on for Jack and Ben's team. What do you think?

5. The theme for the July's RAW photo contest is "Ripples". They were looking for different kinds of water movement. There are some seriously awesome pictures submitted. You can see them here. I decided on this cute one of Chica drinking from the bubbler last summer. We'll see if I get in the top 50.

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