Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Campers

After his work quarter ended Chris decided to take Jack for a little overnight camping. They packed up lots of gear and headed up north with a destination of Monadnock State Park. Ben would have been invited too but he's busy with a cool soccer camp this week. They planned on hiking up the mountain so unfortunately Luke didn't get the nod.

I sent the men with my little camera and was so excited with the images they brought me back. They hiked all the way to the top of the Mount Monadnock and I guess it was no easy hike. A lot of the trail is big boulders. And at the top of the mountain there was virtually no visibility. But the campers made it to the top and back down in time for dinner, some knot tying practice, a couple games of war and then sleep. There was also a nice storm that passed through which brought some nice lightening.

Here are some of my favorite pictures ~

Look at all of this gear for two guys and one camping overnight. If Jack is anything like his dad he will have no shortage of backpacks, bags, packs, and other Dapper Dan gear. This was taken right after they arrived and Jack was having freeze dried Beef Stroganoff.

The two-man tent which I know only so well after some camping back in our 'dating stage'.

This picture gives us some idea of the the steep, rocky trail. They got quite the workout.

I like the composition of this one.

Woo hoo - made it to the top.

My two happy campers. I'm so happy they got this picture taken.

And some marshmallow roasting before bed.

They arrived home this morning with all of their gear, without and injuries and pretty pooped. But I would say it was a perfect father-son bonding experience for my campers.


Deb Hanna said...

that is soooo cool- how fun that Jack got some one on one time. looks like they had a blast. and well done Dad with the pictures!

Craigwp said...

This experience was one Jack will never forget. The pictures were excellent and will always be a wonderful reminder of that day. How much gear, weight wise was there to carry?