Friday, July 24, 2009

Officially Three

In her mind, now she's three. We gathered for Chica's official birthday party yesterday. The weather has just been terrible this summer and the forecast was very iffy. I wished very hard for any rain and storms to hold off until the party was over. Fortunately, the wishing paid off. It wasn't the perfect weather to be at a spray park, but after I looked at the pictures I snapped I realized the kids had a pretty fun time anyways.

Chica didn't get too wet, but she had fun dodging the cold water squirting everywhere.

And here are some happy faces on her friends and their families....

I ususally like to make the kids' birthday cakes but there was too little time and too many people so I went with the store bought Dora cake. Chica was thrilled of course.

She didn't give me any trouble about posing with her princess birthday hat that she got for her first birthday. I'm hoping to take this picture every year until she's married.
And here she is having her friends sing happy birthday and blowing out the candles.....

So now...she is officially three.

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Craigwp said...

My God she gets more beautiful each time you snap a picture of her. I wish I had been there.

Happy birthday little Chica :-)