Friday, July 17, 2009

A Summer Tradition

We were lucky enough to be invited back to visit our special friends on Cape Cod last week. We were packed up and ready to go after the boys' last baseball game. It made losing and being eliminated from a chance at the division championships a little easier knowing we were heading for f.u.n. !

Our special friends include one of my oldest, dearest and bestest friends on this earth (Jules), her awesome husband and three amazing kids (and one dog who I will blog about later). We crashed at their house for three nights and had two great beach days.

The first day we went for the waves!! Each of the bigger kids took turns getting tumbled by the waves. It reminded me of how Jules and I used to do the same thing together in the cold waters of Maine!

Here's Ben's face peaking through the waves..

And Jack's expression after battling the surf!

Luke was back to getting himself buried in the sand

Beach day two catered to the younger crowd.....and those who liked critter catching and digging. We went to our favorite salt water pond near town.

Here's Chica and Jules' oldest beauty.

And here's my biggest critter-catcher admiring his work. Anyone notice his freaky double-jointed elbow?

And here is the whole group enjoying midday ice-cream.

One other fun thing that Chris and the boys did was go out on a lobster boat to check traps for lobsters! I made Chris take the little camera and here are a few shots he came back with.

Ben and Jack holding some bait...

Some seals off in the distance!!

Just a quick little re-cap of our wonderful weekend. I used our pocket-sized camera for all the pictures and the quality is nowhere near my DSLR. But I learned my lesson last year when I got spots on my sensor from bringing out the good camera to the beach!! So no more of that.

Our summer just would not have felt complete without a visit to see these buddies of ours.

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Craigwp said...

Amazing photos. The kids are getting sooo big.