Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wayback Wednesday - The Group

The years fly by. Especially when you have kids. While visiting with our special friends on Cape Cod I grabbed a shot of the group of our kids together enjoying ice cream. Here they all are. I think it's pretty easy to tell which kids are mine (fair-skinned) and which are not (dark-skinned).

I've been remiss on my Wayback Wednesday posts. So I scanned in some old shots of the crew as far back as I could find them. It started here back in 2003. Same beach....same afternoon ice cream...

A couple years later in 2005 we have the same shot. Luke is now on the seen and not quite 2. The "Two ball Screwball" was a popular ice cream choice that year I see.

A couple years later in 2007 we had to grab our group shot at the big playscape after Jack and Ben finished the Chatham A's baseball camp. Chica was just about one year old. Ben was having a meltdown because I believe he got caught in a pickle during camp.

The years just continue to fly by. Hoping we'll have many more of these group shots to come, though!!

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Deb Hanna said...

so cute! two ball screwball was popular with my kids this year too- but Justin was all over the spiderman head like Amy.