Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dogs Days of Summer

If you know me, you know that I'm a huge dog lover. I've been storing away some doggie pictures that I've taken over the summer. I think it's finally time to share them. Coincidentally enough, it's an interesting time related to dogs. Just about every friend I have has gotten a dog. And this includes even the friends who never had dogs growing up and said they would probably never get a dog.....ever. I think most of the families realize how wonderful it is to have a dog for their kids....despite the time and effort it takes.

There is also a generation of dogs in the lives of my friends and family who have passed recently. Most have been lived long lives, thankfully, but will be missed terribly by their families. Rest in peace Chance, Teika, Von and Gabe.

Here are some neat dogs I encountered this summer!

Meet Ellie. She belongs to our special friends we visited this summer on Cape Cod. Ellie is a mixed-breed dog that our friends adopted in Guam. They are a military family who lived in Guam on two separate occasions. Ellie is the second dog that they got from Guam. When I first saw Ellie I thought maybe she wasn't being fed or had some parasite because she was so skinny! But then I realized that this is just her body structure and she is probably part Greyhound. There is actually a race track on Guam and some of the dogs are released and are running stray. This girl just has to be part Greyhound!

One of her adorable characteristics are the ears that won't stand up. Well, one sort of does :). My friend named Ellie after the character Eliot from the movie Open Season. Eliot was "a scrawny, fast-talking one-horned wild mule deer". Very creative and appropriate name, I thought.

Regardless of her funny ears, this is one sweet girl who is a lot of fun.

Here she is chasing after our Chewie. Look, both ears are up! She might think Chewie is a rabbit from the track!!!

Ellie really wanted to play with Chewie. Chewie wants to play...but is always on guard.

Meet Izzy. She is a 12-week old pup owned by our NH friends. I thought I knew a lot about dogs/dog breeds until my friends told me they were getting a Small Munsterlander. Anyone ever heard of this breed?!? It's a hunting/retrieving dog in the spaniel family.

Well Izzy is about the calmest puppy I have ever met in my life. She was so calm and quiet I didn't even know she was there half of the time. She just snoozed under the adirondack chair while we enjoyed the lake. She has the most stunning green eyes I've seen on a dog.

Izzy has a cousin and her name is Lexi. They aren't really related, but their owners are. Lexi is a springer spaniel. I got a big hoot out of her because she reminded me of Chewie - completely and utterly possessed by her ball. She never relaxed when her ball was around. She would drop the ball under her mom's chair and stand there until she threw it. I got the ball once or twice and threw it in the water because I wanted to see her swim and get it.

Here is Lexi, with her beloved ball.

And here she is, totally focused for a photo because I am holding that ball above my head.

Meet Sully. He is pup of one of our baseball families and is a Havanese . I enjoyed seeing his cute face at many baseball games.

And finally, meet Minnie. She is believed to be a rat terrier belonging to another baseball family. Her personality was sweet as pie.


Paula said...

Oh what fun. What great shots. Pictures of dogs always brighten my day. Thanks for sharing.

Deb Hanna said...

um cute, but I am still not getting a dog.