Friday, August 21, 2009

A is for August....and Architecture

Well, my picture of Chica at the bubbler didn't make it to the Top 10, but thank you to everyone who may have taken the time to vote!

August's contest is Architecture. And the other requirement is that the photo has to be taken this month. Normally, you could use any photo taken whenever.

So for Architecture I submitted a picture of my favorite boathouse taken on our recent trip to New Hampshire. I took a bunch of different photos of it, but for some reason I liked this one the best....and it's not even in focus! We'll see how the judges like it. It'll be fun to see all of the different submissions for Architecture because it is such a broad topic. Can't wait!


Cathy said...

Let us know when we can vote.. this is an awesome pic.

michelled said...

Have to make the Top 50 first!! :)

ttm said...

This a really nice shot!!! I bet you you could sell a number of these if you made prints.

This is Greg C BTW.