Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - the Rest of the Summer

Summer is coming to a close. Less than a week until the bus pulls up and takes the kids off to school. I am feeling bittersweet about this. We have had a great summer, but I am ready for routine again.

I have blogged all of the bigger things we did this summer, but there were still a lot of things we did that I didn't have time to mention. So....here are ten of those things!

1. One thing we saw lots of for the first half of the summer break was rain!!! We got through baseball season without any cancellations, but there was so much rain early on. It was getting pretty depressing. On July 3rd we had a storm come through and there was a lot of hail. The kids thought that was pretty cool. The only good thing about all the rain was that our grass was greener than ever, especially through July.

2. Not soon after school ended we had a great visit from a niece. She stayed with us a couple of days and the kids had a blast with her. She was awesome with everyone....so attentive to Chica and yet sporty fun with the boys. Here she was with Jack and Ben, synchronizing the cannonball.

And here was the crew at mini-golf.

3. As if it wasn't enough that I proved to be a cool mom when I had this birthday party for Jack last summer, I took Jack and Little Chief to Jeremy's house in the early part of the summer so they could see all of his cool snakes and reptiles. So I stood in Jeremy's 'reptile room' while he took out nearly all of his snakes to show the boys. I'm still amazed at Jeremy's incredible knowledge of his snakes. He is one amazing guy.

Jack and Little Chief finally got their hands on one of the snakes. Jeremy let them hold a milk snake and the stinker ended up biting both the boys. That was a little nerve-wracking.

And here is an Argentine Red Tegu. This thing was crawling around on the floor and I was admittedly hiding behind a child gate. He actually was very tame and fun to watch.

The boys left happy...but still sort of in shock that they got bit!

4. I feel pretty lucky to have been invited to two Red Sox games this summer (thanks again, K!). One was on a girl's night out and one was to accompany my friend to her son's birthday party. The were truly amazing seats and there is nothing like a night at Fenway Park!

5. Ben completed a full day soccer camp early in the summer. It was his first full-day camp and he did an amazing job. He took home "Camper of the Day" honors one day and MVP for his team at the 'world cup' closing ceremonies. I was a very proud Mom.

6. Jack completed his very first week of full day camp too.....but in a sport new to him - Lacrosse! He was itching to try it after his best buddies played in the spring. So next spring will be very interesting if he wants to give it a try. I never envisioned another spring sport other than baseball in our house. Stay tuned!

7. Luke completed a VBS camp at a church in town. He had a great time and was really a trooper about going. He was very enthusiastic about the crafts he made and songs they learned. The last evening they had a show and he was right up there on the stage showing his stuff while we all watched.

After the show the church provided hot dogs, snow cones and other treats for the kids. Luke and his buddy Ani ("Chiefette") posed for a photo.

Right after this photo was taken someone pointed out the most gorgeous rainbow I have ever seen. This first photo was what the sky actually looked like....pinky-orange.

This photo was taken first when the white balance was set incorrectly for inside florescent lights. It's not what the sky looked like, but it came out beautiful just the same.

The frustrating part of this was that the rainbow was a humongous half-circle. It stretched a full 180 degrees right over the church. My camera lens would only capture small pieces of it. A wide-angle lens would have showed the enormity of this amazing site.

8. I took my first day trip to the beach with all of the kids. Our good friends and we packed up and headed for Scarborough Beach. It was a beautiful beach day and the kids had a great time in the waves, digging in the sand and playing paddle ball.

The big boys on their boogie-boards

Luke and his buddy playing paddle ball. It was a miracle they didn't whack anyone.

And this is a photo that shows the love that Jack has for Chica. He brought her in the waves and here he is planting a big smooch on her cheek. This is a common site for these two.

9. I went to see Kenny Chesney as part of Country Fest. My seat was in the nose-bleed section, but he still sounded amazing and I am an even bigger fan now. Here he was coming into the stadium. Love him!!!

10. We have an annual festival in town that we stopped by. As usual, it was a bazillion degrees and, as usual, it costs way too much money for games and rides for the kids. And our favorite part (the parade) was cancelled. So our visit was short and sweet, with the highlight being watching the kids do the Pedestal Joust. Jack battled Ben and Luke battled a friend.

Chica had fun getting her face painted and playing some games.

So overall a very fun summer!!


Craigwp said...

Wonderful pictures Michelle. The kids are so fortunate they have such an energetic and loving mom.

Re the snake bites.. did the snake have fangs or small teeth? I really despise snakes :-)

michelled said...

According to Jack, they were fangs!! Yikes. You can imagine how many snakes were in the room I was in with them.

Craigwp said...

I would imagine the bite marks would have had 2 little holes rather than a line of teeth marks.

michelled said...

Yup. Little holes!