Saturday, September 12, 2009

Celebrating Double Digits

It is almost unfathomable that my oldest child turns ten tomorrow. So much has happened since he was day ahead of his due date....on a beautiful late-summer morning. Well, technically it was 3 am and I couldn't yet tell it was a beautiful morning. But it sure was.

For the last few years we have celebrated Jack's birthday before school and fall activities start. This year we happened to have picked the most glorious day. The sun was shining and the weather was absolutely perfect.

One thing that has been on my mental blogging list forever is to show off my nephew's Fenway replica wiffle ball field. Any baseball fan will appreciate seeing this amazing spot where we have celebrated Jack's birthday with his buddies for the third time now.

My nephew began creating a wiffle ball field in an empty, fenced horse enclosure several years ago. Over the years, it slowly evolved into the coolest Fenway replica. The Green Monster is on the outside of the barn included in the enclosure. And my nephew has slowly added everything necessary to duplicate Fenway....Pesky's pole, Citco sign, retired numbers, advertisements, American flag, warning track, etc. Countless hours were spent creating and marking the base paths, pitching mound, batter's box and home plate. A special dirt/clay mix was used and the grass has been fertilized and manicured with care. The field is lit for night play too!

Here are a few photos for this amazing field...

So what better place to have a birthday party for a group of baseball lovin' boys?

Here are some action shots from the party. It seems like a simple party...but never underestimate the competitiveness of boys and the difficulty of having to be an umpire. Unfortunately this was my job this year and this is not my forte. A few times I had to rely on my photos to make the calls.

The birthday boy taking a lead off first.

Jack and Little Chief waiting their turns on the bench.

Michael throwing to first while falling to the ground. Tremendous effort.

Pitching from the mound.

Safe at first.

Another close call at first. Had to rely on my photo finish for the call - Josh was safe.

After a few intense innings we took a break for birthday festivities. Jack picked a Milwaukee Brewer's cake. He's intensely proud of his big cousin being drafted by them and playing in the minor leagues as a Brewer.

Silly swaying during the birthday song.

The whole crew posing for a picture in outfield. Unfortunately, Luke and Ben aren't in the picture. Thanks, T, for having the field looking so awesome!

It was a fun afternoon. Jack was able to give his buddies official minor league baseballs signed by his big cousin. How cool is that? Thanks again, Pete!!

And one last candid of Jack's favorite cheerleader.

PS - if anyone with any ties to the Red Sox see and appreciates this amazing field and can get it some attention, please comment! The field has been recognized locally but never by the Sox. I've contacted NESN before but they never followed through with it.

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Craigwp said...

As my dad used to say.. "we get to soon oldt, and to late smardt"

Jack looks pretty smart though. and all the boys are born athletes.. taking care of their little beautiful sister.

(spelling is correct :-)