Thursday, September 24, 2009

The First Cut

After school today Chica and I headed in the direction of the hair salon...with a stop at Panera Bread for lunch on our way. Three plus years and today was Chica's very first haircut appointment. I'd been letting her hair grow nice and long so that she wouldn't end up with the 'fro like mine when I was young. The ends of her hair really needed a trim, though. They were looking a bit straggly.

So we had a nice lunch at Panera. Chica insisted we eat outside and so we did. It was windier than I realized and the wind blew some of the hair right out of her ponytail. When we got to her appointment I took a quick 'before' picture. This picture doesn't demonstrate the straggly ends or the rat's nest that appears in the mornings. But she sure does look sweet.

Now Chica has been coming to the boys' appointments since she was born and has taken turns sitting in the chair and having her hair combed out. So she wasn't at all nervous about the happenings. Our stylist, Steph, first had to comb out all of the snarls and mysterious sticky clumps.

Geez, she looks all scared and miserable, huh?

After the ends of her hair were nice and trim Steph gave her a cute little braid to finish it off. Some of the ladies in the salon were telling her how beautiful she looked and she got very shy.

Steph carefully saved the clippings of Chica's hair in an envelope for me to put in her keepsake box. And she had her pose for me with a little piece of her beautiful baby hair.

The day's events just proved too much for Chica and minutes into our trip home I looked back to find she had dozed off.

Crossing my fingers she'll keep some of those curls....


Deb Hanna said...

awww she is so big!

Craigwp said...

What a beauty.. My almost 5 yr. old Madelyn had her first salon cut a couple of weeks ago and looks so much better as well.