Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How Did This Happen?

It's when you experience times like these that you realize how fast life flies by. I just took this baby home from the hospital what seems like last week...and now it is time for her to start pre-school.

Chica has been anxiously awaiting her first day of preschool. She awoke happy to cooperate with anything necessary to get her ready. She even let me do her hair...which really made me realize how different it is getting a girl ready for school. She threw me for a loop when she said she wanted pigtails. I did the best I could and they came out sort of decent...but I can see from this picture why the pigtail on the right seemed much thicker than the one on the left. I thought I got the part down the middle, but clearly it was not. Anyone who knows me is probably laughing. And I never thought I would have a daughter because I CAN'T DO HAIR. But she is worth the training...if she'll let me experiment. And actually, her hair didn't look that bad next to some of the other girls who had ponytails or pigtails.

Happy to pose for me:

How did I do?

We arrived at school and found the parking lot to be full! So we had to park down the way and walk a little. When we opened the door and saw all of the people, Chica was very hesitant to come in. She wasn't upset, just shy and overwhelmed. I don't think it was what she expected.

We all gathered around the teacher and one by one the kids went to her, got introduced and showed her their "homework" which was to color a race car, draw a picture and guess what happens to the car in the story.

Here she is with her special teacher. (She got an extra hug and some extra attention being the youngest of a family of three prior graduates!)

After all the kids were introduced they all went upstairs to have a special snack. Chica was again shy and a little hesitant, but did go off without any tears. The parents discussed school matters and then left for a couple of hours.

When it was time for pickup, the kids were gathered nicely on the front steps. Again, smiles...

Chica didn't have too much to say about her day. But she did tell me that some little boy threw sand at her twice outside...on purpose. She didn't seem too upset, though. What was cute, though, was that when her brothers got home and she told them, Jack perked up in his spot on the couch, cracked his knuckles and asked for the kid's name. That's when I really realized how lucky this Chica is to have brothers who love and protect her.

And at about 4:30 she just couldn't take it anymore. She crawled up in my arms and fell asleep. I had to lay her down so I could get Jack ready for football practice and get dinner finished.

First full day tomorrow - all by herself. Can't wait to see how she does!

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