Monday, September 28, 2009

Still New, Still Learning, Still Good

The change from soccer to football for Jack this fall has been fun. Although I seriously miss watching him play soccer, I am really enjoying watching him learn and improve at football. It is such a different sport. I never fully appreciated how each individual player is so important to the success of a team, and many of the players that never even touch the ball are working really hard doing their part.

Jack's been playing defense....mostly cornerback but this past weekend he played right-side linebacker. He's not a big kid, but he's not afraid to tackle.

This past Sunday's game the weather wasn't so hot. The fields were wet from rain and it drizzled during the game. But Jack's team ended up with their second win...and he was so pumped when the whistle blew.

And one of the other benefits of him playing football is that I can't yell at him from the sidelines and direct him where to go or who to cover. I just watch and learn myself...and try to get an occasional picture.

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