Wednesday, September 2, 2009

They're Off

Today marked the first official school day for my new Kindergartner. It was two painful days of waiting for Luke after his brothers had their first day on Monday. Kindergartners have orientation in groups spread across two days and then finally get their turn. Finally Luke got to finally be part of the bus-stop gang and go to school with the big kids with this new backpack....

He chose the black LLBean Critterpack with the tarantula and wanted just his first and last initials on the back - no middle initial. Here it is...shiny and new.

Here is the standard squinty-eyed pose. Luke was the first one up and immediately got dressed and brushed his teeth. When I looked at the clock I saw 6:34. God bless his little heart. He was so excited.

Chica awoke as well and begrudingly joined the family photo. Once again, Red Sox shirts are the recurring attire here in our house.

We all walked over to the Chiefs to get our annual photo. I sadly realized this morning that one of our regulars wouldn't be in the picture because he is a big middle-schooler now. So here's what's left with Little Chief and Miss Ani with her broken leg and wheel chair. This is one start to school the Chiefs will never forget.

So this third boy of mine was just glowing. We started heading back to our house to catch the bus but the bus driver, Bill, tricked us and went the opposite way around the circle. So Luke got on the bus at the Chief's house.

Here he was watching the bus round the corner.... looks a little concerned.

And here is his sweet little face peering down at me from his seat. No doubt in my mind that he was going to have a great day.

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