Sunday, October 11, 2009

Debut in Net

This past Wednesday Ben had an early evening home game. I was surprised when I looked across the field during warm-up and saw him with the bright yellow pinny and goalie gloves on his hands. He had not played goalie for the team yet this season. I was secretly bumbed because I love watching him play in the field. But I also knew what he was capable of in goal....because he has no fear and is not afraid to dive or sacrifice his body. I've seen him make some pretty amazing saves in goal.

The beginning of the game I still had some sun to work with so the pictures were fairly clear. He made it through the first half without letting in any goals. But his team was clearly dominating and most of the action was down at the other end of the field.

He went back in goal in the second half and I was really surprised. Usually they switch it up at the half. But he continued to keep the balls out of the net.

The sun went down behind the trees and the lighting was just not good enough for my camera to get crisp action shots. So my best two action shots of him in goal are on the blurry side. But I liked them too much to exclude them!

Here he is focused and ready to take a shot by the other team's best player. Saved that one.

And here is his coming out to meet his opponent. Aggressive move....

He finally was subbed out by a teammate in the middle of the second half for a chance to play out in the field. He proudly left his position in goal with a shutout.

He was eager to run and played well and aggressively while he was out. The team ended up with a nice win to start the holiday weekend!

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Craigwp said...

He looks like he was born to play soccer. A really tough looking competitor.