Monday, October 5, 2009

Losses and a Win

Well it wasn't exactly the weekend of wins in our house. Luke's game was cancelled Saturday but I think they could have played. The rain didn't pick up until later in the afternoon. Saturday evening Jack has his first ever game 'under the lights' against a superpower rival. It was 22-0 (bad guys) when the game was called due to lightning. I wasn't all broken up about packing up and heading out. The score was painful enough as it was.

The one and only picture I took when the rain let up.

Sunday Ben's team played a team that they have tied twice. Now Ben has a really good little team, but their opponent is good too and definitely showed up to play for a win. Ben's team had a slow start but really turned in on the second half. The ended up in a 3-2 loss. You can't win them all and I was so happy with Ben. He played his little heart out and never gave up. I have really learned this about him this fall. He has some serious stamina.

So, what was the win? Well, at Ben's game there were some cool dogs that I snuck pictures of. First this bulldog which cracked me up. To think I came close to getting one of these for my husband. Nah...I would love any dog.

And then this seven month old Boxer named Lego. She was very cute and I got to meet her in person. I especially loved her wrinkly head and pink collar.

Always exciting to meet and photograph dogs!

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Craigwp said...

Not fun to lose but they are great lessons when your young.

The photo's of the dogs are superior.

btw.. "e"