Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Off to the Farm

Last week Chica and I went on our annual pumpkin picking fieldtrip with her preschool. For the last eight years we had gone to this one farm which now is apparently closed. So off we went to another farm on a glorious day. This was the first time that I can remember when I didn't have at least two kids with me for this fieldtrip!

We took our tractor ride soon after we arrived so that we could get that done before the busloads of other kids arrived.

After that fun ride we spent some time feeding the animals. There was an adorable litter of baby piglets, goats, cows, and a peacock. Oh, and not to forget these lovely llamas (or alpacas?) and their pretty teeth.

We walked through the Hay Maze with the kids and got them all to pose together when we were done.

Finally, it was time to pick the pumpkins. Whereas in the past we got to actually stop in the pumpkin patch during our tractor ride and pick pumpkins right off the vine, at this farm we were directed to a specific area where there were pumpkins were sitting on the ground.

Chica made her "final" choice a handful of times. She spent time inspecting and reinspecting her pumpkins and then repicking. I never thought I'd get out of there.

But alas.....she made her final-final decision. And one cute pose before we departed.......


Cathy said...

Great pics.. love the llama one.

Paula said...

Yeah, that llama one was hilarious!! Loved it.