Saturday, October 17, 2009


It's not Thanksgiving yet, but today I was feeling very thankful for a few things.

I was thankful for the bright sunshine that helped warm the cold temperatures so Luke and his team could play their soccer game without completely freezing.

I was thankful that there were no conflicts with the other kids' activities so that I could be there to watch Luke's game.

I was thankful for the sun so that I could get some pictures of Luke playing. Conflicts and cancellations have made that difficult lately.

I was thankful for Luke's good mood and willingness to play and try hard.

I was thankful that his efforts paid off with a goal.

I was thankful that I was there and could pull it together to lift my camera and grab some pictures of his excitement.

And thankful that he has a great, patient and supportive coach.

And lastly, I am the most thankful that 11 years ago today Chris and I were married and began this family. Happy Anniversary, hon. Love ya.

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