Friday, November 6, 2009

A Great End to the Season

Jack's first football season came to a close last weekend. It was a nice day for a November 1st game. Jack wasn't initially excited about going to his game until his cousins called and said they were going to try and come. After then, his tune changed.

In the pre-game practice there were a lot of throwing plays to Jack and he was looking good. He was making catches with confidence. He was very excited to be moved to wide receiver from cornerback for the last few games of the season.

The team had only won two games during the season. It had been a tough season and there weren't many touchdowns scored for the team. But things were looking good in this game. They went up by a couple of touchdowns and there was definitely team momentum and excitement.

Jack looked good in his blocks.

Toward the end of the game Jack's team had a fourth down. Normally the opposing team would set back 15 yards (I believe) and start their plays, but I learned that you can punt the ball in lieu of giving the 15 yards to set back the team further.

Well, guess who had the longest punts in practice? Maybe from his prior soccer experience, but Jack was going to be called upon to punt if punting made sense. And now it was the last game and the team had not yet punted. And now the coaches decide they would like to punt.

I hadn't seen him practice punting so I was surprised that he actually received the snap and then backed up to punt without the other team rushing at him to try and block the punt. (It sure meant for a nice photo op!)

This could have ended so badly, but I have to give Jack credit for his calmness and composure under pressure. He punted the ball nice and straight and I guess about 30 yards or so. So that was a good coaching decision and probably the highlight of Jack's entire season.

The team ended up winning three TD's to one, Jack's cousins, aunt and Grandma were there to see his punt, and he received a lot of positive feedback from coaches and players.....a perfect season end.

And I have already returned his equipment that has been living on my dining room floor for the last 3 months and sprayed and bleached his white game and practice pants for the last time this year. Very nice!

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