Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This past weekend we had lots and lots of soccer to officially wrap up our fall sporting season. Ben's team signed up for a tournament and had two games each Saturday and Sunday. They played against a couple of teams from their regular U9 season and a couple of U10 teams. They ended up winning three and losing one. One of their wins was against an older U10 team. The boys played amazing and it was a great game and a very deserved win.

Ben played goalie for a half of a couple of the games. He was still recovering from a cold so I think it was helpful not having to do all the running.

He perked up even more on day 2 and was back to his normal self .

No secret this kid.

And surprise, surprise....Jack was asked to play on day 2 and he went back and forth on his decision but ultimately rose to the occasion and showed up to play! They used him in goal both games but he did get to play out in the field too. It was fun seeing him in that soccer uniform again and he showed where he got the punting abilities from with some great boots to midfield.

And did I mention it was the most glorious weekend for soccer?? Sunday was in the 70's - actually a little hot. The little ones had a blast in the bounce house and just playing with one another and all of the families tail-gated between games. It was better than a great season ending ---- I'd go with perfect.

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