Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It's almost been a month since my last post. Holy dry period. I've been a combination of uninspired, under the weather and unmotivated. I've barely picked up my camera.

Thanksgiving was nice but very quiet with just our crew and Grandma. Chris did a tremendous job with the turkey, stuffing and gravy.

I didn't get in the Top 10 for my photo of Chica on the dirt bike. The one judge who picked the initial Top 50 disappeared and a new judge had to step in and pick the finalists. I'll never know if I would have made it with the other judge. But thanks to anyone who might have taken the time to go vote. November's theme was Silhouettes and I didn't submit anything (again, unmotivated, uninspired). December's theme is Toys. That should be interesting!

Christmas prep is well underway. We got our tree last weekend but the weather wasn't great so there were no photos. We got a big and beautiful tree at the same place as last year for only $35. I don't think I'll ever go to another tree farm.

The blog police (husband and oldest son) are on my case big time to update the blog. Last week the weather was warm and Chica wanted to go play on the swings. It's one of my favorite spots to photograph her. And she is so cooperative about posing. So I grabbed my camera and joined her by the play set. Here are my favorites.

And one serious pose.

At just about three and a half, Chica is still a happy girl who loves to laugh. She still lovingly refers to her brothers as "my boys". She is giddy with laughter when her Daddy comes home or comes downstairs in the morning. She gives me the hardest time about her hair....won't let me brush it or put in "pretties". She loves school...especially the songs they learn. She is gearing up to learn to ski this winter....but I'm not sure if she or her Daddy is more excited. And she LOVES to do puzzles and play games. She does 100 piece puzzles with a little help from me and loves to play her matching game and play on She is still my little Sweet Pea.

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