Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back on Track

After a couple of months of minimal blog posting, I hope to be getting back on track for some more frequent updates. The holidays were much more time consuming than I expected and I spent a lot of time on my first few blurb books (more on that later) instead of taking and blogging photos.

I just updated my blog header with a free design I found on this website recommended by Deb. There are lots of cool tutorials and free stuff so I plan on going back there soon. The new header has me re-motivated to learn more!

December's photo contest on's RAW was Toys. I didn't think I was going to come up with something to submit because it had to be taken in the month of December. But on that last chilly day of December Jack pulled out his set of football guys and we played around with them a bit. I took some shots inside but then decided to try outside for real lighting. There was a small flurry of snow that came down and sprinkled the field mat.

So I went with the above picture and was pumped to find out it was selected for the Top 25. They only picked 25 this month since the number of submissions was low. There are a handful of really neat photos (see the Top 25 here.) I believe they have done away with voting and the Top 10 will be selected by that month's judge. I guess we'll know Tuesday how things shake out.

January's theme is "What's That?". Another tough one for me. A macro lens would sure be helpful!

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Deb Hanna said...

there were some really cool shots in there- hope you win!