Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crazier Things Have Happened.....

The year 2000 was one to remember.
We bought our first house and moved in that September.

The circle was pretty quiet and we had projects beyond belief.
But soon enough we became friends with our neighbors the Chiefs.

Jack and Stephen (aka Little Chief) became the best of cohorts
With their big blue eyes and love for all sports.

Our neighborhood friendship has grown stronger each year
With new family additions, tons of ball playing and beer.

Our Chica was born six years into the fun
A new bond emerged with Lil Chief and our precious new one

In his eyes it appeared she could never do wrong.
His attentiveness and playfulness she adored before long.

He’s never afraid to give her big hugs,
Or contently sit with her and play games on the rug.

We’ve all grown to appreciate Little Chief’s well-roundedness
He’s sweet, smart, athletic with mad dance skills that impress

So I started to think Chica could have a future with this catch.
They certainly would make an incredible match.

I know it’s a little early to think this far ahead
But maybe, just maybe someday they will wed!?!

Jack would be thrilled having his bud as a ‘bro
The Dads could forever watch football with coolers in tow.

And the rest of our crews would be just as pleased
Because we all get along like carrots and peas.

So my fingers are crossed that this plan just might take
If not for the two of them, then for the rest of our sakes.

Can you just imagine the oohs, ahhhs, laughs and tears
When I play the slideshow of pictures taken over the years?

(All in good fun.....but crazier things have happened......)

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Rachel Elizabeth said...

Aww, I hope my kids are this close someday.