Tuesday, January 26, 2010

P is for Perfectly Precious Picture Project

Although I had a big blogging low back in November and December, I was working on a couple different photo-related projects. I finally sat down and made a few different photobooks using Blurb. I learned about Blurb from a friend and was immediately interested when she told me you could use Blurb to print out your blog. Still haven't done that yet, but I did undertake some photobooks for the boys' baseball team, my nephew's baseball career and a special book for Chica for Christmas.

I've made many photobooks over the years using Shutterfly and Snapfish. The books come out great but the layouts are very limited. With Blurb you can alter their layouts or come up with your own layouts. The capabilities are endless.

I was on the Blurb site one day and was looking at some books made by others and I came across the most adorable ABC book that somebody made for their child. Immediately I knew I wanted to make one for Chica for Christmas. She has so much fun identifying letters and I knew I could come up with the photos I needed. I wrote out the letters and jotted down my thoughts and then went to work creating the book.

I am in love with the end result and know that even if Chica doesn't truly appreciate it now, she will have it forever and especially appreciate it when she becomes a mother herself!

Here is the cover and some of my favorite pages!!

I had the book printed with the image-wrap cover and in the 7X7 size, just perfect for Chica's little hands. The print quality was excellent. It is one of the favorite gifts I ever given!


Paula said...

P is for positively perfect. What a terrific job you did! Looks amazing.

Jamie said...

"L" is for Looove it!

Heather said...

Hi- I am a friend of a friend of yours (Deb H). Anyway, I read your blog all the time and love it.

I used Blurb 2 summers ago to make a memory book for our family reunion. I even included the recipes of the food we ate. I gave a copy to everyone for Christmas and it was a huge hit.

I have a blog too and plan on printing it out in Blurb. I was never a baby book type of person, but this I can do. :)

Anyway- love your blog!

Take care,