Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Post-Christmas Wrap

The Christmas holiday went really well this year. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in this household that experienced any stress. But the kids just love this holiday, so their smiles certainly were worth it.

We hosted Christmas Eve and had a great time visiting with family from both sides. Christmas dinner was at Nini's house and then we headed to Auntie Sara's for more celebration on Saturday. So we were ready for some relaxation when the 'vacation' week began.

The kids did well by Santa again this year, as always. He got a little punchy this year and left some of his gifts in our bathroom for the kids to find. The kids and we were wondering why the tree looked a little bare.

Chica was loving Christmas. She got a Loving Family doll house with accessories and has enjoyed playing with that. She also has been enjoying her new Leapster and her Candy Shoppe playdough set.

Jack was ecstatic that he got the street hockey goalie pad set he was praying for. I can guarantee that set will get lots of use over the years! He's also been digging his new ice skates and video games.

Luke received his first ever Nerf gun and that was a big hit along with his new Lego sets and Indiana Jones Wii game.

And Ben finally got the DS that he has been asking for for the last few years....along with a couple of games. The extra bonus with that is that he can play head-to-head with Jack on his DS. Ben's also digging his new Tim Thomas shirt.

The boys have all been wrapped up in their new fleece blankets from Mom and reading their new books too!

Buddy was beyond thrilled with his bone and his nose is still recovering from being scraped off during his digging/hiding episodes.

Chewie got more of his favorite balls which have already rolled under couches and other furniture.

I would say it was a near perfect holiday season!!

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