Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All in the Family

After five years of hanging back either pregnant or with newborns or toddlers, I am happy to report that the entire family is on the slopes year! I pulled out my old ski coat and the last ski tag attached to the zipper was dated 1/1/1999. I remember this day specifically. I had literally just found out I was pregnant with my first baby and we were up skiing with our friends at Cannon Mountain on New Year's Day. I remember being so excited but also nervous, wondering if I should be skiing at all.

So over 11 years later I had purchased my first ever piece of ski equipment (boots) and we were up at our local mountain on a gorgeous day and I knew I had to suck it up and get out there. I was sort of dreading it....wondering how I'd do since I wasn't one who learned to ski as a little kid. I could get down the hill, but there's always the worry about stopping.

But I did it! I got on the chair with Luke and I have to admit I was so excited. We were finally all together skiing! Well, sort of. Jack and Ben are skiing on their own with friends. I get to hang with Luke and Chica is on a harness with her dad. But I am loving the time alone with Luke. We chat all the way up the lift and he reminds me what to do and gives me instruction along the way, as if I'd never skied before. I'm laughing inside but loving it. And so happy that he's listened to the important lessons his Dad taught him. It's a HUGE year for Luke. Not only is he making his way down the hill solo without any problems, but he WANTS to be there and has been the first one dressed and ready to go. That alone speaks volumes.

And here is the documented evidence that I have skied!

And here is my ski buddy, Luke, when he unfortunately wasn't in a happy mood.

The other exciting piece to this story is that Chica is ready to go. She does not like to be left out and is happy to be out there skiing with Daddy and "her boys". (Mom now, too :)) Daddy dreams that his little girl is going to be a ski racer......maybe the next Suzy Chapstick. He took this picture of her with his phone. It looks better than some of my pics with my pocket camera.

Some shots by me :

We had another beautiful weekend for the local mountain's annual Box Race. We didn't create a box for the race, but our friends created skis out of cardboard for the Olympic-themed race and Jack participated with an extra pair. The Box Race is loads of fun and the weather could not have been more beautiful. Blue skies and warm temps made it perfect.

The racers are announced and timed as they go down the hill. Some boxes whip by and some barely move. The cardboard skis were a cool idea, but they didn't glide down the hill as smoothly as anticipated. If your box stops moving, you are supposed to pick it up and run across the finish line. Jack actually did okay on his skis. I think he made it all the way down, but eventually he as sitting on them instead of standing.

The kids watched the entire race with their buddies....

and towards the end began to run out to help some of the troubled boxes make it down the hill. (See, Chica hates to be left behind)

Chica had a pretty sweet seat for most of the race thanks to Uncle Pat.

And I did manage to land one group shot before the kids scattered at the end of the race.

I'm going to keep praying for more beautiful days like these to make for an enjoyable first season back to the slopes!!!

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