Tuesday, February 9, 2010

His Two Front Teeth

There have been big happenings on the tooth front for Luke the last couple of months. He lost his first big top tooth in November. That one had been very loose and snaggly looking for quite a while. Luke proudly pulled it out himself before bed one night.

Then one night a few weeks ago we were over our friend's house and he took a very bad tumble over one of those big yoga balls and landed flat on his face. There was lots of blood and when I was cleaning the spots on the carpet I found his other front tooth had been knocked out. Between his bloody nose and his bloody tooth (that was a little loose but not ready to come out) there was quite a lot of blood and Luke was pretty shaken up. I took him home and later that night he inspected his injuries.

His swollen gums healed quickly and here is his new and improved toothless smile.

So far he's the only one who has had surgery, had stitches and has had a tooth knocked out. Hopefully his run is over!

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Michael360 said...

Poor kid, thank god is wasn't a permanent tooth!

Get well soon. :)