Thursday, March 25, 2010

100 Day Noodle Skateboard

Ahhh, recently it was that time of year again for the good 'ole Kindergarten 100 Day Project. Luke's turn this time. I was trying to think of some ideas for him that were fun and original. He wasn't really interested in anything I had to say. I have seen some of those 100 Day Projects in the hallways and some of them are so cool. Luke decided he wanted to make something out of noodles. I winced at the thought...probably one of the most popular ideas.

It was about a week before and he was starting to get antsy. He would come home from school and say, "Some of the kids have started their projects. I need to start mine NOW! Can we start now??" I was not prepared to start at that immediate moment. The organizer in me knew he had to have a plan. I would ask, "What do you want to make of noodles?". He thought about it for a while and said, "A skateboard. Can we start it now?". Admittedly I did not have a vision for this skateboard made of 100 noodles. I knew we had to wait for the weekend to get at least something to display it on. I told him, "You really need to sketch out what you think it will look like." I did find a little sketch of a skateboard on a notepad later that day. I was very encouraged with his persistence.

Saturday rolled around and I finally made it to Michaels with Luke and Jack. We walked through the store and I was hoping that Luke would see something else and maybe change his mind. It was fruitless. He really wanted to the skateboard of noodles. So I decided to let him go with his idea. I didn't want to force something on him that he wasn't excited about. Plus, he was really into it.

So we left Michaels with a poster board, some paints and some black sand. When we got home I let Luke pick the noodles he wanted to use and he went with some kind of penne. He counted out the 100 noodles and then arranged them on the poster board in the shape of a skateboard. I started to see his vision come alive.

Then the fun started. I let Jack handle the glue gun and he helped Luke glue all of those noodles to the poster board.

Jack was such a big help. I didn't have to do a thing except take a few pictures and watch with enjoyment. Who ever said these school projects were a pain? No chance.

After the glue dried it was time to paint the noodles. I envisioned something totally different from that exercise but Luke decided he wanted to do a multi-color skateboard and randomly painted the noodles different colors.

After that, they traced a sneaker onto the skateboard and colored it in, put in a leg, made a cool textured road with black sand on black paint, gave it a title and signature and boom....done. Although Jack helped him, it was all executed based on Luke's ideas. And frankly, I was so happy to see the interaction between the two.

Luke was so proud of his project and I knew that he was going to confidently say it was his idea and he would be able to describe exactly how the project was done. So it all worked like a charm. We both learned some lessons during the process. I learned to believe in his ideas and help him execute them and he learned how to plan, organize and complete a project. Pretty sweet.

Here he is with his final project.

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