Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Full Circle

A couple weekends back we had a visit from our friends from New Jersey. The friendship began with our friend, Craig, back in 1983 when Chris and he came to know each other freshman year of high school. I had known Craig for a couple of years in junior high but Craig and I both met Chris freshman year at our regional high school.

Well Chris and Craig became buddies and both were members of the ski team for our school starting as freshmen. Notice the two smallest guys, Chris on the far left and Craig on the far right.

The friendship has been going strong over the years and Craig married a lovely girl, Victoria, and they have two children. Henry is about 10 months older than Luke and Audrey is two and a half. Craig is Luke's godfather and we are lucky enough to be godparents to Audrey.

Fortunately for us, our friends head north to visit us at least a couple of times a year. Our kids adore each other and are really like 'cousins'.

This latest visit was full of excitement because Craig wanted to get Henry on skis for the first time, at the very same mountain where Craig skied growing up. So the dads trudged up to the mountain to get Henry in ski lessons. Luke wanted to take his first snowboard lesson so Henry would have his buddy, Luke, right near his side.

Henry did a great job in his lesson! I dare say I think he liked it!

Luke was excited to try snowboarding! He was the only snowboarder that day so it was like he had a private lesson!

It was pretty cool seeing these boys together.....just like their dads used to be on the high school ski team.

And it was especially cool knowing what this meant to Craig...... and seeing these two together.

Luke and Henry might not be on the ski team together some day, but this day surely showed how life comes full circle.

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