Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just Ducky

One morning as I was getting ready to take Chica to school, I looked out the sliders towards the pool and was stunned to see this pair of ducks swimming on top of our pool cover.

I usually see this pair swimming in the wet woods behind the house after a significantly heavy rain storm. I see them all over town in little ponds and swampy areas. With all of the spots to swim around town, I was shocked that they took the time to land on our above ground pool cover. There definitely was a lot of water from the winter thaw but I still wasn't quite sure of the appeal of our pool.

I ran to get my camera and took a bunch of shots of the ducks through our glass sliders before I brought Chica to school....almost 15 minutes late! It was a bright sunny morning, so I knew I had a chance of getting some good shots.

After some swimming the pair made its way off the cover to the pool edge to dry off and catch some rays. Perfect photo op.

From out one of the bedroom windows upstairs.....catching the reflections....

It took a while for Buddy to catch on to the ducks. He was looking desperately out the sliders but his view was blocked by parts of our deck. I took my camera with me as I brought Chica to the car with Buddy following. He tore around the garage after the ducks....

and scared the mama right off the edge back onto the cover.

When I got back home from dropping off Chica the ducks were gone. It sure had been a surprisingly fun photo shoot. I drained a lot of water off the pool cover later that week but the pair has made its way back again for another visit. Hoping that once the cover is off the lovebirds will wait until next spring to visit!

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