Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snow Ranger

Our last two days at our local ski mountain were picture perfect. The weather was just gorgeous. Actually, every time I skied this winter it was beautiful. On the second to last day Chris went up with the kids and got there in time to put Chica in a 10-2 lesson. She was ready to do the extended lesson, even at three years old. Chris had taken her up and down the mountain so many times with the harness that she was confident and had good balance. What we needed her to do was learn to turn. I knew she could do it, but when she had her Dad around she didn't feel the need to try. She loved just zipping down the mountain with him full force.

So she agreed to take the lesson without any trouble. (Note: Each of her brothers had moaned and groaned about lessons when they were little)

She started off with all of the kids on the magic carpet. After the lunch, the instructors moved her and some others from the group to the rope tow hill. There they practiced making turns in a line behind the instructors. I had arrived at the mountain and was so excited to watch her go down the mountain by herself for the first time. Her Daddy had taught her well. She kept her hands on her knees and was in total control.

After a couple of these runs I watched as an instructor accompanied my baby girl and a couple others toward the chairlift. I walked over and asked if that's where she was going and one instructor said she was in complete control and was ready to head up.

I knew this was an incredible break-through. If we could get Chica off the harness then I could ski with the kids on my own if I needed to, while Dad was in meetings, etc. I saw her come down a hill with her group and head back to the chairlift but missed the photo op. Her second time up I was armed and ready with my camera but they came down another hill and I missed it again. By then, it was the end of the lesson and all of the kids convened at the magic carpet for their 'award ceremony'.

Words cannot express how proud and excited I was to watch Chica standing there after having accomplished what she did. Each of the kids' names was to be announced and each would make there way down to Peppermint Patty for a hug or high five and a treat.

Chica was beyond thrilled to see Peppermint Patty again and went right for the high five.

The head of the ski school looked genuinely proud and told her she had a great day.

My little girl was now officially a Snow Ranger.
One step closer to Daddy's dream of her being the next Lindsey Vonn.

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Craigwp said...

What a beautiful and amazingly talented little girl.