Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As a follow-up to my Just Ducky post, the happy couple did return to the pool cover even after I removed most of the water. We got some more substantial rain and the back woods were flooded, a typical spring here. My friends appeared in the woods one beautiful late afternoon, swimming and feeding just a few yards into our woods. The sun was shining on the mallard's head making it look gorgeously psychedelic. I got my camera and stepped into the woods on a stump just behind a tree, bringing me only a few feet away. The ducks could have cared less that I was standing there pointing my camera at them.

The pair have a typical husband/wife relationship. The mallard stood there looking gorgeous, letting me snap picture after picture of his beautiful self. The female never stopped searching for food, working up a storm and probably nesting in preparation for some new kids. I was tired just watching her. When she moved on to a new area her husband would follow closely behind her, still not helping out. :)

But he sure was one beautiful denying.


Paula said...

OMG, Love it!!! I can't seem to get within 100 feet of them. As soon as they catch sight of me and my camera they take off. What's the secret? See, this is why I need them as pets.

Deb said...

Love it and love your perspective!