Saturday, May 29, 2010


The other morning I took this picture after a rain left millions of little raindrops on my daylily greens.....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For Auntie Moe

Auntie Moe brought over a puzzle called Lost Art that is nearly impossible. I think she had 'lost' interest in trying to figure out the darned puzzle. She said be sure to glue it together if anyone happens to complete it.

Months later Luke pulled the puzzle out one morning and sat intently on the carpet working on it. We were all in disbelief when he brought the puzzle over.....completed. Luke called Auntie Moe immediately to tell her. She said to make sure and take a picture. Before I got to that he dumped the pieces over and began working on it again. I had little hope he would be able to finish it again.

But alas, a few more minutes and some determination......

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Brush with Hollywood - Take 2

As if it wasn't adorable enough when Jack received a personalized signed photo from his TV idol, Aaron Takahashi......

The story gets better. Back in February I blogged about the day when Jack received the signed photo from Aaron (Part I here!) . Chris contacted Aaron on Facebook to say thanks and shared a link to my blog post. Aaron posted the link on his Facebook page and the response was amazing. My blog received thousands of hits and more than a dozen comments from his amazing friends. Aaron's post on Facebook generated over 90 encouraging and positive comments. Jack claims that Aaron has made him famous.

Some of the comments to my blog mentioned that there actually are Aaron Takahashi T-shirts. That was when I decided I would contact Aaron to personally thank him, tell him about the great comments to my blog and to see if I could acquire one of those T-shirts. He replied that based on the response on FB and my blog, Jack should have a T-shirt. He directed me to a site to find a color and the right size.

A few weeks later I got a message from Aaron that he had the T-shirt and was going to be sending it out shortly. It felt like the next day when I checked the mail and saw the package in the mailbox! I left all the mail in the mailbox and was waiting outside on a blanket with Chica and my camera when the bus pulled up.

I yelled for Jack to please get the mail for me. He seemed to ignore me, or look confused. I told him there might be a million dollar check for him. He said later he couldn't hear me. I guess Ben has better hearing.

Ben gets the mail, finds the package and calls for Jack.

At first he didn't really seem to know what it was. But the wheels were spinning as he was inspecting the package and then his face revealed that he was onto us.

Happiness and excitement set in.

The perfect color, the perfect fit. The perfect end to Part II of our story.

Of course Jack wore his T-shirt to school the very next day. There were a lot of questions from his classmates and friends. But I'm sure everyone agreed it was pretty sweet!

A big thanks once again to Aaron for being such a good guy and for taking the time to get this T-shirt for Jack. Thanks also to all of his loyal friends for supporting Aaron... and Jack too!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gettin' Away

It's not often I sneak away for a night. Maybe once a year or so. A few weeks back two of my close friends and I went for an overnight to Ogunquit, ME. The consensus was we needed to take advantage of that weekend.....the husbands were home and we weren't missing any sporting or other important events. The weather wasn't looking ideal, but we came to our senses and went for it.

The ride up was enjoyable. We chatted about our kids and shared ideas on good books and dinner ideas. We laughed. We stopped in Kittery for a quick shop in the Trading Post and treated ourselves a bit. Next stop was an awesome lunch at the Maine Diner, after which our bellies were nice and full for our next stop.....the spa. Liane and Karen opted for massages and I chose a spa pedicure. Happiness.

We checked in at The Anchorage in Ogunquit. I was the only one of the three of us who had never been there. This great spot is right on the water and just a walk from Perkin's Cove. We freshened up and tried to agree on a spot for dinner. The decision was to pop into a few different places for drinks and appetizers. The second stop ended up being our final destination. We perched up at the bar enjoyed the atmosphere, the cosmos, the food, the bartenders, the band and our name guessing game.

We walked back, had a good night's sleep, a great walk along the Marginal Way, a delicious breakfast, relaxing showers, shopping at Perkin's Cove, an awesomely filling lunch and we were on our way back home. The three of us agreed this was the perfect quick getaway.....but we definitely could have used another night to just chill, relax, read a book and perhaps take a nap.

I brought my camera in hopes to find a picture for April's RAW contest....themed "Doorways". Here are some of the various pics from our getaway.

The sky on the day we arrived...

Sunday morning it started to brighten up....

Right before we left I took this shot and submitted it as my April entry. Didn't make the Top 50, though.

A couple other random shots ....

Back to Perkin's Cove....

And those that know me, might appreciate this capture.....

(The only other thing I want to remember about this trip is that Jack called me about every hour and a half to check in)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Off to the Zoo

A few weeks back during vacation week, we had an overnight visit from two of my nieces. This was the first ever visit where my niece (CC) drove herself and her sister without their mom. I'm starting to really feel my age. I met CC when she was about 9 months old. Now is she is driving an hour and a half to visit my kids and me. And accompanying her is my goddaughter who I held in the hospital hours after she was born....twelve years ago. UGH!

We decided to head to a local zoo the next town over. The kids hadn't been there in a while and it is truly an amazing spot. The zoo was created in the owner's backyard and has expanded year after year. The selection of animals is impressive and the grounds and animal enclosures are very well maintained.

The kids got small bags of food to feed the animals and off we went. I snapped pictures of some of the animals along the way.

This fox was so beautiful and healthy looking. Not like the ones I see running around town.

The giraffe wasn't too excited to be photographed..... :)

This black leopard was my favorite. When I first walked up he hissed at us and then laid down to rest on the roof. Awesome eyes and paws.

All of the kids were excited to see the crocodiles (or alligators?). This was the only enclosure where I didn't have to battle with a cage to take a picture.

This pony had the most amazing eyes. As did many of the other animals.

These guys were looking pretty stately and ready for a pose.

Mr. Camel.

Had to watch out for these guys when we were trying to get a good look at the giraffes.

Toward the end of the walk through the zoo we came upon some large enclosure of awesome birds. What a display of colors and varieties.

Loved the eyes on this bird - some variety of duck.

A black swam.....

Not sure what this one was, but the color was stunning.

I just learned that this is a wood duck. So cool!!

There were several peacocks but this was the only one who gave a show.

Another cool one.

And I wish we could have seen this owl out of his house!

My kids and nieces were nice enough to pose for me next to some of the statues....

There was a little time for swinging and climbing before we left.....

It was a great afternoon with some of my favorite people!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Like A Box of Chocolates

Tulips are my favorite flower. I've been planting tulip bulbs for the past few years and been so happy with how beautiful they have sprouted. My favorites were beautiful pink impression tulips that were tall with large, gorgeous blossoms. I'm always depressed with how short their lives are and that they really only come up one year...maybe two with some luck.

I decided to give daffodils a try this year, knowing they come back every year and that they seem to last longer than the tulips. I don't know much about daffodils and the different types, so I decided to try a daffodil mix. Although they blossomed at different times and different locations, I loved seeing all of the different versions. Who knew there were so many types of daffodils?? I tried to find the specific names for these daffodils but it was taking too long and I wasn't 100% sure I was right. So for now, just the photos.....

Beautiful double daffodils, Ice Kings I believe...

A smaller white double daffodil, with multiple blossoms...

Another smaller type with multiple blossoms (I think Scarlet Gem) ......

Beautiful white/yellow trumpet daffodil....

Another gorgeous double daffodil....I think a Tahiti

These trumpets were really cool....white with salmon..

Some more pretty trumpet daffs....

I am very happy that I planted daffodils this year!! I am going to get some more this year and plant them in different spots around the house. Any of my local friends who want to order some, let me know and when the catalog comes in I will give you a call! The quality was excellent!!