Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Brush with Hollywood - Take 2

As if it wasn't adorable enough when Jack received a personalized signed photo from his TV idol, Aaron Takahashi......

The story gets better. Back in February I blogged about the day when Jack received the signed photo from Aaron (Part I here!) . Chris contacted Aaron on Facebook to say thanks and shared a link to my blog post. Aaron posted the link on his Facebook page and the response was amazing. My blog received thousands of hits and more than a dozen comments from his amazing friends. Aaron's post on Facebook generated over 90 encouraging and positive comments. Jack claims that Aaron has made him famous.

Some of the comments to my blog mentioned that there actually are Aaron Takahashi T-shirts. That was when I decided I would contact Aaron to personally thank him, tell him about the great comments to my blog and to see if I could acquire one of those T-shirts. He replied that based on the response on FB and my blog, Jack should have a T-shirt. He directed me to a site to find a color and the right size.

A few weeks later I got a message from Aaron that he had the T-shirt and was going to be sending it out shortly. It felt like the next day when I checked the mail and saw the package in the mailbox! I left all the mail in the mailbox and was waiting outside on a blanket with Chica and my camera when the bus pulled up.

I yelled for Jack to please get the mail for me. He seemed to ignore me, or look confused. I told him there might be a million dollar check for him. He said later he couldn't hear me. I guess Ben has better hearing.

Ben gets the mail, finds the package and calls for Jack.

At first he didn't really seem to know what it was. But the wheels were spinning as he was inspecting the package and then his face revealed that he was onto us.

Happiness and excitement set in.

The perfect color, the perfect fit. The perfect end to Part II of our story.

Of course Jack wore his T-shirt to school the very next day. There were a lot of questions from his classmates and friends. But I'm sure everyone agreed it was pretty sweet!

A big thanks once again to Aaron for being such a good guy and for taking the time to get this T-shirt for Jack. Thanks also to all of his loyal friends for supporting Aaron... and Jack too!!


Jill Igarashi said...

Aaron really is an amazing guy. I have the pleasure of getting to see and talk to him in person. He is a great member of the community and has the best heart. Thank you for blogging about Jack. You do a fantastic job with the photos and adding just the right amount of text.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

This has got to be the greatest series of blog posts ever!

I'm looking forward to Part 3: Jack and Aaron Video Chat!

And Part 4: Jack and Aaron Meet at a Chuck E. Cheese!

Erin Nomura said...

The only thing better than a t-shirt from Aaron himself is a hug! He is such a warm hearted guy with such sincerity of spirit! It makes me so happy to know he is making a difference around the globe!

Lauren Wong said...

I'm so glad that you got an Aaron tshirt! As previously posted, the only thing better than a tshirt would be a hug from Aaron in person. :) Btw... your kids came up in conversation with Aaron the other day. I asked him if his fans were coming to this fashion show we were in... he said sadly it was too far of a drive. :) Hopefully one of these days we'll get to see you there!