Thursday, August 5, 2010


When we opened our pool this past May we found a bunch of peeper frogs living inside near the top of the pool liner and the pool edge. My critter-lover, Jack, would handle the frogs, tease his little brother and sister and eventually let them go.

One particular frog was almost always hiding out in the pool. The kids named it Brew which was after the Milwaukee Brewers (the MLB team who drafted their big cousin). [Phew - not after the adult beverage]. The kids would hear Brew peeping at night and they could always find him in his spot.

One day Jack perched Brew up on his head and walked him around the pool.

Not long after, Chica became comfortable holding Brew and began to copy her big brother.

Now once Chica got hold of Brew I knew I was good to go for a long while. I could pay bills poolside, read a magazine, pull weeds, eat a relaxing lunch, etc. She would take him all around the pool, from tube to surf board to ladder to deck. She was so content playing with Brew - putting him down and picking him up nonstop. I thought for sure she was going to squeeze him to death.

But she really was quite gentle with Brew. I would hear her swimming around the pool saying, "Come to mama'...". She was completely happy playing with Brew.

She would search for Brew every time she was out by the pool.

I captured a little video of her with Brew in the porch. You can see how comfortable she is with him.

Chica became obsessed with the little guy. It became very difficult to convince her it was time to let Brew have a rest. After a battle of threats she would eventually concede.

If her brothers came on the scene and saw Chica with Brew, things became much uglier. They would sternly tell her to 'put Brew back' and that she was hurting him.

Here is Chica frantically following Jack as he has taken hold of Brew and is walking toward his hiding spot.

Here is a picture of an actual battle where Chica is determined not to let Brew go. She is a feisty, strong and stubborn girl. She's got Brew cupped in between both hands.

And here she is looking to me for help after her battle.

She loves that little bugger Brew. I keep telling the boys that if he didn't like it he wouldn't keep coming back. ( I secretly hope he sticks around!)


Deb Hanna said...

love your panicked sound as the frog jumped towards you :) she is so funny with Brew.

cggrlogan said...

That's one tolerant frog! Love the photo of her holding the frog where it is front and center.

Craigwp said...

What a wonderful story.