Monday, September 6, 2010

All in the Family

I can't believe it is September and I never blogged anything about baseball. I guess the problem is that baseball...and my children...took up so much time and energy that I couldn't make time to fiddle with pictures and blog about it.

Jack and Ben played their third season together as part of the Falcons. They played in a very competitive U-11 A Division. The season started out with an awesome pre-season tournament championship. For the regular season the boys finished first in their Division with a record of 16-4. They then went on to be the runner-up for the State title. And then they played in a local tournament, went undefeated until the finals, but then lost to a tough team.

All in all, I couldn't be more proud of my boys. They are not perfect. They make errors, miss catches, strike out looking on occasion. But they are team players, have good attitudes, are respectful, try their hardest and support each other as brothers and teammates.

I eventually went through a season of pictures to see what I had. I was so pleased to see that I have this series of photos of my teammates. My favorite picture (and likely my favorite moment of the season) is the first below.

Ben had a great hitting year. Early in the season he hit a bomb to the outfield. He ran around the bases for his first ever home his brother, best friend and remaining teammates there to congratulate him. It was a proud moment in so many ways. Seeing Jack's expression afterwards in the photos just warmed my heart. This photo will go down as one of my all-time favorites.

Here are the other photos:

I believe this one was just luck. But the same knee up, same positioning of the glove.....

No doubt Jack watching a runner on second and contemplating the pick-off with Ben getting ready to move to the base.

Chatting on the bench.

Bench profiles.

Playing infield together.

Posing with their first place trophies.

Even Luke and Chica showed their support during our final tournament by wearing the prior year jerseys and hats.

Seeing these photos puts me in my happy place.


Craigwp said...

The boys are so handsome and "chica" is so beautiful. I loved the princess hat . your a wonderful mom.

cggrlogan said...

Great photos! I love the black and white.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh my, love the photos. Don't you just love black and whites....something about them. I think the 'chatting on the bench' one is simply precious.
Nice to 'meet' off to do more browsing!
Love, Anne (in Scotland, who is promising herself that this will be the year she learns to take great photos) x