Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No Stopping Her

One sunny day a couple of weeks ago I was watching Chica ride her bicycle in front of the house. I knew she could ride without the the training wheels off. She has really good balance.....and really strong determination. I asked her whether she wanted to try riding on two wheels. She looked at me with a nervous smile and said yes.

I took off the training wheels and ran back and forth in front of the house a couple dozen times. She had it pretty much right from the start but she was nervously excited. A few more times jogging behind her bike, holding lightly onto the back of her seat.....and she was off.

She was so proud of herself...and so happy to show off for our neighbors, for her brothers when they got off the bus, and for her Daddy when he got home from work.

My four-year old bike rider.

She did take one little fall, but didn't cry until I pointed out to her that she had a little boo-boo.

And ever since that day....








This is a very exciting accomplishment for my baby girl.

And I'd probably cry about how fast her little self is growing.....but instead she makes me smile and laugh.


Paula said...

Aaaaaah, and some day she'll be upgrading to a $3K road bike and pedaling a century. She's got it in her. I can just tell :-)

Craigwp said...

She is SOOOOO Beautiful. WOW!!